Sunday, May 15, 2011

Facebook and Modern Communication

Image courtesy of Jack Masters & Bill Puryear 

Life takes busy turns. I'm wishing for action items to help move the grave site restoration along. But, life for everyone keeps getting in the way. I still feel connected as I have time. "Thoroughfare for Freedom" the new book by "Cumberland Pioneers" authors Jack Masters & Bill Puryear has hit bookstores. I'm saving up for my copy. You can purchase it here. There is also a Facebook group called Descendants of the Long Hunters that is fun to follow. Lots of great genealogy content with links to family info. Much of it first source.

My action items:
Connect with the DAR in Gallatin.
Connect and obtain a bid from an expert in cemetery restoration. There are contacts through Rock Castle.
Get a plan on paper and create a budget to project costs.
Have buy-in and possible donation from land developer.
Set up 501-c3 and Paypal with bank to take donations online or handle mailing in a check.
Promote to the Franklin family at large and to historical organizations to raise money.
Research possible grants to fund the project.
Determine long-term sustainable maintenance of the plot - possibly this is the land developers contribution.
Once money is raised and project is complete, organize a dedication party. Cousin Julie has info on this.

If I just have a plan and costs - I can raise the money.
Please feel free to comment or connect me with the right people to get the ball rolling. Thanks! and be sure to check out these fabulous books about our Cumberland Pioneers.