Friday, June 11, 2010

Time is Not on Our Side

We must act quickly.
Pictures provided by decendants of Capt. J. Franklin.

Welcome to Our Blog.

Four cousins found each other one day in 2009. Brought together by fate, common interests, conversation and discovery. All four of these women descend from Captain James Franklin. All four have a passion for history and a desire to preserve the history of their family and the history of Sumner County, Tennessee. Please join us often on this blog as we share who Captain James Franklin was, who we are, how we found each other and what we see for the future of this grave site.

So many historic sites like this go unclaimed by history and reclaimed by the earth. Lost are the pieces of legends that made Sumner County what it is today. We don't want to lose another piece of history. If you have stumbled on this blog and would like to help please contact us through comments on this blog.