Friday, July 2, 2010

Monument to a Subdivision

Our research continues this Summer in Gallatin. We have reached out to the subdivision developer and they are pleased talk is moving forward within the family to restore the grave site. Southeastern Building Corporation has been conscientious, putting up temporary fencing and protecting the site while roads have been put in and property divided.

While we are sad to see the land go the way of serving the needs of the growing Gallatin Community we hope that by restoring our grave site it will bring awareness to the surrounding landowners. Archeology exists everywhere across this landscape that marks the moment settlers put down roots here. With each effort to save relics and historical places, we hope people will become more respectful of the land they own and be aware when operating the bulldozers they run to make a place for ‘progress’.

We look forward to furthuring our relationship with Southeastern Building Corp. And we hope they will be willing to work with us to develop our landscaping plan, both short term and long term. Our vision is to make the restored site something the neighborhood will be proud to be a part of, marking the heritage of the land they own.

Maybe you would like to own a piece of Franklin history? Lots are still available at Franklin’s Reserve.

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